1)      Briefly discuss about functional components of GUI based data mining system.

2)      With definitions and examples related to schema hierarchies and set grouping hierarchies, briefly describe the syntax for concept hierarchy specification.

3)      Briefly describe about interestingness measures of data mining?

4)      Discuss the concept involved in designing GUI based DMQL.

5)       Explain the syntax for following data mining primitives.

                       a.Task relevant data.
                       b.The kinds of knowledge to be mined.

                       c Interesting measures.

                       d.Presentation and visualization of discovered patterns.

6)      The four major types of concept hierarchies are: schema hierarchies set grouping hierarchies, operation derived hierarchies and rule based hierarchies?

                      a. Briefly define each type of hierarchy

                      b.For each hierarchy type, provide an example

7) Discuss about concept hierarchies in detail.

8)      Discuss the various forms of data reduction techniques.

9)      Discuss about the task relevant data specification.

10)  Explain syntaxes for concept hierarchy specification and interesting measure specification.

11)  Describe why concept hierarchies are useful in data mining.

12)  Explain data mining primitives in brief.

13)  Discuss in detail about architectures of data mining systems.

14)  What defines a data mining task?

15)  Give an example of a DMQL query.

16)  Explain the syntax for task relevant data specification

17)  Explain the syntax for specifying the kinds of knowledge to be mined.

18)  Write the syntax for the following data mining primitives:

                  a.Task relevant data

                  b.concept hierarchy

19)  Describe why is it important to have data mining query language.

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