1)      What is constraint based mining? briefly discuss about the possible constraints in high level declarative DMQL and user interface


Define association mining. Explain constraint based association mining.

2)      What is association mining? Briefly describe the criteria for classifying association rules.

3)      What is association and correlation? With an example describe classification and prediction?

4)      Discuss about multidimensional association rule mining from relational database?

5)      What is multilevel association? How can you mine multilevel association rule? Describe mining multidimensional association rules static discretization of quantitative attributes………….16

6)      How can we mine multilevel association rules efficiently using concept hierarchies?

7)      What is association rule mining? Briefly describe the criteria for classifying association rules?

8)      What is association and correlation?

9)      Compare and contrast the difference between mining single dimensional Boolean association rules and multilevel association rules for transactional databases……16

10)  Propose a method for mining hybrid-dimension association rules(multidimensional association rules with repeating predicates) and explain with an example…………….16

11)    Write and explain Apriori algorithm with suitable example. …………….16

12)  Explain mining multidimensional association rules from relational databases and data warehouses.

13)  Discuss about mining multilevel association rules from transaction databases.


How can we mine multidimensional association rule efficiently using concept hierarchy

14)  Write and explain the FP-growth algorithm for discovering frequent itemsets without candidate generation.


Can we design a method that mines the complete set of frequent item sets without candidate generation? If yes, explain with example


Write the FP- Growth algorithm. Explain

15)  Explain mining quantitative association rules and distance-based association rules.

16)   How might the efficiency of apriori be improved? Explain iceberg queries.

17)  What is iceberg query? Explain with example.

18)  Which algorithm is an influential algorithm for mining frequent item sets for Boolean association rule. Explain.

19)  Discuss about association rules using correlation rules.

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